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Tag: Barack Obama

'That's not who we are'
2011.05.05 14:42:49

I am willing to grudgingly admit that Obama “got his man.”  Of course, I still stick to my motto, “Never believe anything our government says until it has been officially denied.”  What I objected to primarily was the part of his statement referring to the death photo of Osama, “That’s not who we are…You know, we don’t trot out this stuff as trophies.” 

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Sehrish Khan
Viewing It The Pakistani Way on 'Doing More'
2010.12.19 18:49:14


The latest WikiLeaks exposures conclude that Pakistan has been under constant US influence and pressure to intensify the fight against terrorism, flourishing swiftly inside its borders.US President Barack Obama has praised the Pakistani leadership for the increased cooperation still the results are 'uneven' and 'unsubstantial' says a latest assessment report of the new Af-Pak strategy imposed last year. Pakistan on the other hand has been persistently complaining about the unsatisfactory world response towards its tremendous sacrifices in the war against terror.  Hasan Zafar, a defence analyst quotes, "This war is costing too much. We paid heavy price for it. Our economy is devastated and we are still losing lives, still we are being dictated to 'do more' ".

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Bill Maher on Rand Paul: It's As If Sarah Palin Made It Through Med School
2010.05.26 00:05:29

The late-night comedian received a gift this week, and his name is Rand Paul.

On last night's "Real Time," Bill Maher unleashed the first salvo in what is sure to be an ongoing series of jokes mocking the Kentucky GOP Senate candidate and Tea Party hero, whose extreme views have sparked considerable controversy.

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Obama's Screaming Universe
2010.01.29 12:46:18

We all have innate intelligence. We learn to listen to the environment because the universe speaks directly to us. As children we have both innate knowledge and the ability to 'listen' to the environment. If we touch something hot, we learn very directly not to do it again. That language is beyond conceptual learning. It is not privy to certain species. It is more primordial than speaking. For millions of years we have survived because our primordial intelligence demands that we avoid danger. We do our best. We see danger THAT way and so we will go THIS way.

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