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Jewish Greatest Genocidal Criminals- Part III

Genocidal CriminalsBased on the distorted supremacist racist Judaic religious myth of “God’s Chosen People in God’s Promised Land” the elite of the Jewish power elite came together, more than two thousand years ago, and plotted a scheme to establish a Jewish World Order, whose ultimate goal is to establish a Jewish-only Greater Israel in the heart of the Old World extending from the river Euphrates to the Nile with Jerusalem as its capital.

For the last two thousand years this Greater Israel project failed to materialize. Zionism remained a minority movement of mainly Eastern European Jews. The Jews in general, especially European and American Jews, are more materialistic than religious and had prospered well in the West due to their devious practices; usury, prostitution, gambling, and substance addictions. Mizrahi oriental Jews had settled comfortably in Arab Muslim states and did not want to uproot themselves not even for religious goals.

To coerce the Jews to immigrate to Palestine, Zionist leaders followed Theodor Herzl’s recommendation where he stated: “It is essential that the sufferings of Jews become worse. This will assist in realization of our plans. I have an excellent idea … I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth … the anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends.”

Zionist leaders launched a covert anti-Jewish and propaganda campaigns claiming that Jews were persecuted and massacred in Eastern Europe. Even before WWI, American Zionist-owned media outlets claimed that 6 million European Jews had been exterminated in a holocaust. Stories of this “First Holocaust” filled up the first pages of American papers especially Jewish-owned “New York Times”, who started the campaign with its Jun 11th, 1900 edition all the way through February 17th, 1945 edition telling stories of Jewish massacres and the 6 million victims; half of the Jewish population. There is a Talmudic prophecy that Jews will “return” to Palestine after the death of 6 millions of them.

The majority of European, especially German, Jews considered themselves Europeans and rejected Zionism. When Zionist campaigns failed to coerce them to immigrate to Palestine, the Zionist Organization moved to real actions. Europe, especially Germany, witnessed terrorist attacks against Jewish properties. The very well publicized attack was the Kristellnacht of November 9th & 10th, 1938. What is being omitted from this incident is the fact that two days before Kristellnacht, on November 7th, a Polish young Jew by the name of Herschel Grynszpan, was sent to assassinate German Ambassador to France, Count Welczek. Instead, he mistakenly shot the First Secretary’s Office; Ernst vom Rath. Germans were enraged and were incited to attack Jewish properties. It is worth mentioning here, although is purposefully ignored, the efforts of German police to protect Jewish properties from the mob. To make matters worse Zionist Organizations declared economic boycott of Germany and took this opportunity to encourage German Jews to escape German persecution by immigrating to Palestine.

This Jewish “escape” from Germany is a hoax story. The fact was that Jewish travel and immigration to Palestine, as explained by Ingrid Weckert’s “Jewish Emigration from the Third Reich”, was free and actually very well organized and encouraged by the Nazis. Zionists had many agreements with the Nazis to facilitate Jewish immigration; only to Palestine. Zionist/Nazis cooperation goes back to 1933 when the World Zionist Organization Congress supported the Nazi Party and defeated a resolution calling for action against Hitler. The Zionist Federation of Germany supported the Nazi Party since 1933. The World Zionist Organization’s Anglo-Palestine Bank broke the Jewish boycott of Germany and made a trade agreement with Hitler and became the main distributor of Nazi goods throughout the Middle East and Northern Europe. The Zionist Organization set up labor camps in Germany, the so-called labor camps, to train young German Nazi Jews in farming and warfare before shipping them to Palestine. The motto of these labor camps was “ARBEIT MACHT FREI”; translated “work sets you free”. These were military training camps and not prison camps as claimed.

German Jews, who rejected Zionism, were persecuted; their properties confiscated, and were sent to enslaving war labor prison camps, not surprisingly by Jewish police force called “The Jewish Order police” also known as “Judenratte”. It was this Jewish police force that was responsible for the imprisonments and deaths of many non-Zionist German Jews. On the other hand Zionist Jews, especially the young and able, were transferred on German ships to Palestine. World Zionist Organization, who supervised this transfer, rejected all Jewish immigration applications to any country other than Palestine.

Besides this transfer agreement, known as “Ha’avara” in Hebrew, Zionist organizations had cooperated with Nazis in their war efforts against the Allies. The Hagana; an underground Zionist terrorist group in pre-1948 Palestine, agreed to spy for the Nazi S. S. security services. In 1941 Avraham (Ya’ir) Stern made a military pact between the Zionist National Military Organization (known as the Stern terrorist group) led by Yizhak Shamir, once an Israeli Prime Minister, and Nazi Germany known as the “Ankara Document”. These Zionist terror organizations had bombed British targets in British Mandate Palestine such as the bombing of King David Hotel in July 1946, attacks on the railways, oil refineries and police boats. Much of this Zionist terror is documented in David A. Charters’ book “The British Army and Jewish Insurgency in Palestine, 1945-47.” Zionist terrorist attacks against Britain were not restricted only to Palestine. In October 31st 1946 the Zionist Irgun terrorist group bombed the British Embassy in Rome. Zionist Stern terrorist group sent assassins to Britain to assassinate British officials.

Initially Zionist Organizations had purposefully and willingly sacrificed the lives of millions of European non-Zionist Jews, and later Sephardim Arab Jews (Ella Habiba and Naeim Giladi) in order to coerce other Jews to immigrate to Palestine to establish a Jewish state. Many Jewish historians and writers had documented this Zionist sacrifice; Holocaust; Shoa. Among these are Lenny Brenner books; “Zionism in the Age of Dictators” and “51 Documents; Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis”, fervent Zionist Ben Hecht’s book “Perfidy” about the sacrifice of Hungarian Jews, Hannah Arendt’s 1960 book “Eichmann in Jerusalem; A Report in the Banality of Evil”, Pro-Israel writer Edwin Black’s book “The Transfer Agreement: The Dramatic Story of the Pact between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine” about the 1933 pact to transfer 60,000 German Jews and $100,000.00 to Palestine, Alfred Lilienthal’s book “What Price Israel?”, and Ingrid Weckert’s book “Jewish Emigration from the Third Reich” just to mention few of many other books.

The core of the Zionist ideology is different than any other colonial movement that meant to exploit the indigenous population. The Zionist objective is the total evacuation of the land from its Palestinian inhabitants through the process of extermination and massive transfer, to raze their towns and villages, to erase their history and culture, and to sub-plant foreign Western Jewish only population, to invent new history and culture, and to build a new supremacist society. The idiom of “Jewish state is unthinkable without compulsory transfer of the Arabs to the Arab states.” had been adopted since the first Zionist Congress in Basle in 1897, and had been repeated by notorious Zionist leaders such as Israel Zangwill (Zionist Jewish writer), Haim Weisman (President of Zionist Organization), Theodor Herzl (founder of World Zionist Organization), Nahman Syrkin (founder of Social Zionism), Selig Soskin (director of Jewish National Fund), and many other Zionist leaders up till today. This genocidal mentality was expressed in the statement of Arthur Ruppin; the head of the Jewish Agency in Palestine from 1933-35: “I do not believe in the transfer of individuals, I believe in the transfer of entire villages.” In a 1937 letter to his son, Zionist David Ben-Gurion, who became the first Prime Minister of Israel, wrote: “We will expel the Arabs and take their place. In each attack a decisive blow should be struck resulting in the destruction of homes and the expulsion of the population.” To the Jewish Agency Executives Ben-Gurion stated in 1938: “I am for compulsory transfer, I do not see anything immoral in it.”

The attacks and expulsions Ben-Gurion had in mind started actually in early 1930’s when Zionist money used to buy land from absentee Ottoman feudal lords and expelling all the Palestinian farmers from the land. By 1931, 20,000 Palestinian families were evicted from their land this way. To speed up the process Ben-Gurion and Moshe Sharett, who later became the second Israeli Prime Minister, launched “Plan C”, whose objectives were the assassinations of Palestinian political leaderships, financial supporters, senior officers and officials, damage transportation, damage Palestinian livelihoods; water wells, farms, and small businesses, attack Palestinian villages, clubs, coffees and meeting places. These attacks were committed by terrorist groups “Itzel”, led by Menahem Begin, and by “Lehi” led by Yitzhak Shamir. Terrorist Begin and Shamir became later Prime Ministers of terrorist state of Israel.

By early 1948 the Zionist militias were very well trained and armed, and ready to take the land. On the 10th, of March 1948 Ben-Gurion launched “Plan D”; also known as “Plan Dalet”, whose objectives were the destruction of Palestinian villages and the forceful transfer of the villagers to become an economic liability on the general Arab forces. Plan Dalet had many military sub-operations originated from central Palestine towards three directions: Operation Dani towards east to capture Jerusalem, Operation Dekel towards north to reach the Litani River in Lebanon, and Operation Anti-Farouq towards south to capture Gaza and Sinai. Plan Dalet was handed down to military commanders with Ben-Gurion’s clear-cut operational orders for action without distinguishing between the innocent and the guilty. He stated that” the time has come for inflicting collateral damage … every attack had to end with occupation, total destruction of villages and expulsion of all villagers.”

Ben-Gurion established a terrorist death squad known as Unit 101 that was headed by Ariel Sharon, who later became a Prime Minister; the worst genocidal criminal in the history of Israel, also known as “the butcher” and “the bulldozer”. During the early 1950’s Sharon’s Unit 101 was responsible for many village demolitions and massacres in Idna, Surif, Wadi Fukin, Jalameh, Rantis, Budrus, Dawayima, Khan Yunis, and Gaza among many others. Later Sharon was responsible for many other massacres and home demolitions in the West Bank, Gaza, Egypt, and Lebanon. These massacres followed a set pattern, repeated one village after the other.

During the 1948 war Israelis depopulated 675 Palestinian towns and villages and committed 70 massacres; at least 33 massacres of Palestinian civilians and 450 Palestinian villages were completely razed to the ground even before any Arab army had entered the conflict. Israeli soldiers had also executed in cold blood Arab prisoners. It was reported that between 5,000 – 15,000 Egyptian prisoners were murdered in cold blood during 1956 war. According to Secretary General of the Egyptian Human Rights Organization; Muhamad Munib, 11 mass graves were uncovered in Sinai. The BBC reported in September 7th, 1997 that Israeli soldiers, unwilling to care for prisoners of war and wanting to save their ammunitions, drove their tanks over Egyptian prisoners who were tied up.

Ben-Gurion also launched a campaign to erase Palestinian history and culture from history. He established a naming committee formed by so-called archeologists and biblical experts to rename all Palestinian towns and sites of razed villages that had been militarily usurped. The goal of this committee is to de-Arabize and to Hebraize the land; a process of memorycide of Palestinian history and culture claiming that Palestine was a desert land without people, and that the Jews had turned this desert into blooming gardens. Golda Meir later denied the existence of Palestinians stating that there were never a Palestinian people.

Successive Israeli leaders continued the Zionist genocidal plan by occupying the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Golan Heights in 1967. In the West Bank they murdered 13,000 Palestinians and evicted almost 400,000 out of their homes. Evicting Palestinian families and demolishing their homes have become an ongoing Israeli routine. In Jerusalem alone they demolished 9,000 homes and provoked residency of 15,000 Palestinian Jerusalemites. The usurpation of Palestinian land and the building of Israeli colonies (so-called settlements) continue unabated until the present.

Israeli wars against its peace-seeking Arab states never stopped. In 1982 Israel occupied Lebanon and for 18 years devastated the country. Israel attacked Lebanon again in 2006 but was repelled back. Israel rejected the democratically elected Palestinian Hamas government and besieged it in Gaza Strip for the last seven years making Gaza the largest ever open-air concentration prison, starving its population, and making Gaza its killing field and target for internationally banned weapons as happened in December 2008.

When Israel faced effective Arab resistance and failed to achieve any of its military objectives against Lebanese Hezbollah and Gaza Hamas, the Zionist leaders perpetrated the 911 attacks against the US. They used 911 attacks, global war against terrorism, the Holocaust, anti-Semitism, and protection of God’s chosen people to pit Christian West against Muslim World manipulating American military interventions in the world mostly in the Middle East to perpetrate many holocausts against non-Jewish nations; Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine.

Zionism with its Israeli tool constitutes the biggest threat to the whole world. With a jealous, angry, vengeful, genocidal God, as described in their Torah, as the ideal example idol to imitate, one can very well understand that the Jews, along their generations, have developed a similar supremacist genocidal characteristic in their collective consciousness. After all Jesus addressed them, two thousand years ago, as “You belong to your father; the devil” (John 8:44-45).


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