Friday, April 19, 2019
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Warsi Resignation Rips Off the Scab

Baroness Warsi

To some participants in this “democracy we all know and love” the meaning of the Warsi resignation is either unfathomable or unnoticed on the way to page three or the sports section. To many it’s just a Muslim sympathiser falling on her sword – so what? For the rest, the BBC is already hard at work sanitising it into the paradigm of ‘democratic process’ analysing its impact on the Muslim and Women constituencies that the conservatives find it ‘so difficult to woo’.

Yet it must seem like comic relief for BBC staff compared with the challenge of smoothing over the psychotic, violent outrages of Israel in Gaza. Such is the day-to-day drudge of maintaining a scab over the reality of a government coalition enjoying the support of 30% of a voting public that represents less than 50% of eligible voters; those who persist in the view that voting is not a waste of time. The Warsi resignation may indeed have enough impact, if it is still remembered when the next election comes around, to force the conservatives to change allegiance from the Democrats to Labour in order to maintain a credible majority over UKIP. Not so unrealistic, considering that you couldn’t squeeze David Cameron’s credibility or humanity into the space between their policies.

Not so healthy or loved is this ‘democracy’ for those of us who, a decade ago, flocked to the Stop The War Coalition and trusted its leadership as a focal point for organisation and have since accepted the reality of a ‘movement’ facing dwindling numbers from 2M to 600; those of us who have been outraged by the attitude of the entire political spectrum to the violence in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Gaza in 2008 and Gaza 2014, the all-party policies on privatisation of the NHS and anything else that ever belonged to the public, such revenues from the sales being poured into subsidising the buyers of the assets or the banking bailouts in the financial collapse, the general political and legal indifference to the fraudulent fixing of exchange rates and rigging of share trading markets and police failures to prosecute or even investigate a wide range of sanctioned criminality that is the preserve of the powerful (Saville, Smith, Coulson, Brooks). For us the Warsi resignation squarely rips off the scab. Indeed, it truly measures up to the Claire Short resignation in 2003 that never actually occurred. After all “what can one woman do?” One must wonder what Short might think of Warsi’s words in her resignation letter:

I learnt the art of reconciling passion and idealism with pragmatism and realism, but I always said that long after life in politics I must be able to live with myself for the decisions I took or the decisions I supported. By staying in Government at this time I do not feel I can be sure of that.”

It must be poignant for Short, whose moral fortitude fell short.

So here we are in the mild heartlands of Western Democracy, where all means of resistance have been relinquished by the masses save for a three-yearly ballot-box ritual and the occasional placard-waving march along a police-specified route under the close ‘stewardship’ of the STWC. Blow a few whistles, shout a little, hear some stirring speeches by the usual suspects from the podium and go home. Even when we numbered in our millions the reward for our civilised, passive resistance was a response commensurate with what we deserved – utter indifference – “Keep calm and Carry on”. We have wailed and wrung our hands for over a decade. Pathetic!

Out there in Gaza the true face of this system is plain for all to see where those who retain for themselves the right of force and violence, those in whom are invested all the latitude of utter lawlessness for psychopathic venting of hatred and the right to apply the instruments of state to kill, crush, smash and destroy for the attainment of dubious goals, even to the downright theft, ethnic cleansing and settlement of occupied lands taken by criminal violence and terrorism. In these hands are the instruments that deliver to impotent, incapable and talentless men the capability to kill and persecute, to hunt down and exterminate men, women and children a thousand times more worthy than themselves in all the qualities that uplift humanity to a spiritual and intellectual plateau above other life – in our own estimation.

Gaza trumpets the same message we’ve seen and heard from Afghanistan for over a decade where, if men should ever be called heroes it is men like those of Afghanistan who resist, like the heroes of Hamas, who stand up to their enemy with their last hope of life and say “No, I will not submit!!”. There it is, where feeble men, from a place of safety and with a joy-stick and a helicopter may erase them like images on an LCD. Could anyone sane really ask “Who are the true heroes?” and not cringe at the thought of what our media has to tell us is our collective consensus? Disgusting!!

But still, even today, the true heroes of Afghanistan will make the clear choice to forfeit their lives for the opportunity to strike back at the invaders and oppressors.

And so it was in Fallujah, where those who would not submit were simply penned in and slaughtered with shrapnel and white phosphorous by psychotic, emotional cripples who went home to be celebrated as heroes. Can anyone sane feel anything other than disgust?

And for what is it that these men, indeed, men women and children who have shown in great measure all the true qualities of dignity, resolve, courage against odds, defiance in the face of adversity, spiritual independence and self-determination have been mercilessly sacrificed as a perverse indulgence by military psychopaths at the direction of feckless, vicious politicians, purveyors of weaponry and fear, government yes-men and journalists of the see-what-you-are-told-to-see variety. Well, of course, it’s for ‘Freedom and Democracy”.

And what is this Free Democracy with its ‘Law and Order’ and ‘Civilised standards’? The truth of it screams out from every corner. But truth is the first casualty when a damaged society is at best, resigned to “completely disengage from the political process and view it as a lost cause”. The sentiment is so widespread as to be a cliché.

Festering in every corner and at every level in this pestilence of docile, brain-dead media-managed theatrical farce with its tri-annual voting ritual is the corruption that perpetrates fraud at the very heart of the financial system, perverts the course of justice at the highest level at a whim and in the interests of ‘useful, protected individuals’ so perverse and depraved they are odious to civilised standards, where criminal, murderous and genocidal violence is sanctioned by a flat refusal of a tainted ‘justice system’ to apply the law and where a smug elite that formerly raged from the moral high ground, branding as ‘Sick and Broken” the powerless who resisted in London now exhibits cringing moral cowardice and makes limp protest when the powerful slaughter the defenceless innocent in Gaza at a time when true moral outrage is the absolute necessity. Disgraceful.

It shames us all. It shames every one of us. Not just our perverse and depraved leadership but all of us; for we coalesce. Pathetic!

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