Sunday, April 21, 2019
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The Charade of the Presidential Election

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump

The American presidential election has always been a different political process than any other presidential election in the whole world. It costs hundreds of millions of Dollars, and it spans a lengthy period of time, almost a year and a half. This 2016 presidential election is particularly unique, exceptional and different than all previous elections.

It has clearly exposed the camouflaged sad reality of the American social fabric; the American people are not one nation under God, they are divided, racist, prejudiced, manipulated, alienated, and are afraid of each other. This election is also an election of vote rigging, personal bashing, character assassination, party betrayal, and scandalous exposures, turning the process into some kind of infantile election between two personalities; neofascist misogynistic Trump vs Hillary as the first female president, while ignoring the core real issues of corporate control and the Zionist Judaic elite of government to manipulate the system solely for their own benefit.

Since the beginning of the American history, the Presidential election has never been a democratic process. Let’s face and acknowledge the bitter fact that the US is not really the bastion of freedom and democracy as many Americans, and other nations, had delusionally thought. The USA is a capitalist country, where corporations thrive on the expense of the working class. History tells us that the American Constitution for freedom and equality was written by slave owners, feudal landlords, oppressing, manipulative capitalists to basically mean “freedom from monarchies, and equality only among capitalist super power elite sitting on the top of the power pyramid” not for the regular working people.

The capitalists need a skilled-labor working class managed by self-serving quasi-educated middle class to do the work capitalists can profit from. For the few capitalists to stay in power, working class needs to stay an impoverished working class, and middle class should not be allowed to grow. Americans have always been black and white indentured slaves owned by bankers and corporations, living the illusion of freedom because they are given the tasks of managing their lodging, their food, their vocational training and some entertainment on minimum wages. Alas, very few Americans are cognizant of this fact. 

To stay in power the elite needs to control and manipulate government institutions, all media outlets, and the educational system. Most politicians are intimidated and manipulated, financially bribed and supported by corporations, targeted by lobbying groups, or coerced by the corporate media. Honest politicians, who really care about the people are a rarity and are not given the opportunity to truly serve. The power elite had created two political parties; Democrats and Republicans, to serve only their own interests, and had created political and financial obstacles and hurdles to sabotage the emergence in power of any third party or independent candidates.

This year’s election has few third parties running for presidency such as Green Party, Constitution Party of the US, Libertarian Party, American Independent Party, American Freedom Party, and Veterans Party of America among many others. Yet there is a complete corporate media blackout about them and about their political aspirations.

Since its inception the American voting system gives the people the choice between two evils; two lethal choices, and they have to choose the lesser evil, which turns to become the same as the other evil choice if not more evil. Candidates of both parties promise the people prosperity, freedom, protection, safety and social justice. Yet once in the White House, whether Democrats or Republicans, they maintain and bolster the same policies, deregulations, unfair trade agreements, military adventures, overtaxing the middle class, and bailing bankers.  They blame illegal immigrants, drug dealers, criminals and terrorists for all the problems the power elite create to divide and to distract people away from the main issues.

Politicians and presidential candidates rely on fear to win people’s vote. This is the fear of street violence, fear of communism and fear of terrorists. This fear is created by the power elite; who created terrorists, committed false flag attacks against Americans, and encouraged racism and discrimination. Presidential candidates explicitly (Trump) or implicitly (Killary… oops Hillary) claim that only I or my party, who can protect you from your enemy, only I or my party, who will grant you social justice, create more jobs, and grant your children brighter future. These are the same promises that we have heard from all candidates during all the previous presidential elections. Yet the people are still waiting for the fulfillment of these promises while their safety, their economy, and the future of their children are deteriorating.

Although Trump is being faced with the fiercest smear campaign by all the major media outlets and by many politicians, including many within his party, and was described as fascist, racist, Putin’s friend, dictator, madman, misogynistic, a demagogue, compared to Hitler and Mussolini among many other derogatory descriptions, insulting at the same time all his supporters by implying they are stupid, duped and shallow to accept his rhetoric, yet this mad Trump has won 37 states out of 51, and has defeated 16 other politicians in his party. He has won the Republican nomination with a huge gap between him and the next candidate. Polls, although conducted by the pro-Hillary media outlets, show that Trump is running neck to neck with Hillary and many times ahead of her (July 15 Fox News poll, July 16 CBS poll ). Such a remarkable “achievement” could not be ignored, and it says significant volumes about the American political system and about a large section of Americans.

Comparing Trump’s ideas for presidency with the Democratic policies one discovers that they are one and the same although expressed in a different fashion. Trump easily falls within the corporate elite. He definitely supports all the unfair trade agreements that allowed him to move his manufacturing facilities out of the expensive USA to other cheaper countries such as China, Mexico, Turkey and India as Hillary explained in her speech. Yet on the other hand the Democrats had brokered and supported all the unfair trade agreements that allowed corporate owners such as Trump to export American jobs to other countries. Hillary was a staunch supporter of these trade agreements. She and Obama backed the Colombia Free Trade Agreement once they were in the White House although they promised to oppose it while running for presidency in 2008. Tim Kaine, Hillary’s pick for Vice President Position had strongly supported the TPP.

Trump insulted Latinos as criminals and rapists, and vowed to build a wall across America’s south border with Mexico. His vow, though, is just following suit of what the Democratic Party has been doing for years and has not yet finished the wall. Obama/Clinton Democratic presidency had already built a virtual wall on the Mexican border using electronic surveillance, barbed wires, steel plates, high cement watch towers and patrolling drones. The wall is called the “Secure Border Initiative Network or SBInet). One should not be surprised to find similarities between large sections of this wall and the Israeli apartheid wall in occupied Palestine, since one of the two lead contractors for building both walls is the Israeli Elbit Systems; a Boeing subcontractor at the time, who won a $145 million contract to build the Mexico-US wall. Elbit Systems was sold as fully tested on Palestinians.

Trump’s call for deportation of illegal immigrants is not far away from what the present Obama/Clinton Democratic presidency is doing right now. Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrant families (54,000 families in state of Georgia alone) had been separated from their American-born children and were deported back to Latin America. The Democratic Obama Administration is operating at least three known illegal immigrant family detention centers (prisons). A relatively smaller Berks Family Detention Center in Leesport, Pennsylvania, and two larger detention centers in Texas; Karnes County Residential Center and Texas Family Residential Center, better known as Dilley. The two Texas detention centers (prisons) are operated by private companies; Corrections Corporation of America and GEO Group.

Trump vowed to enhance the police force in order to guarantee the safety and security of the American people. Hillary promised the same. No doubt both will continue to send police force to Israel to be trained (indoctrinated) by the Israeli Terrorist Forces, who had a lot of experience oppressing Palestinians. The police force will become yet more militarized.

Both Trump and Hillary promised to defeat ISIS terrorists and to support moderate oppositions (Al-Nusra as well as ISIS butchers) to topple dictator (democratically elected) president Assad. Republican Rudy Giuliani; former Mayor of New York City pushed in his speech for “unconditional victory” against “Islamic extremist terrorism” and against Iran “the world’s worst largest supporter of terror” (for a moment here I thought he was talking about Israel). On the Democratic side Tim Kaine; the vice presidential running Senator, has regularly called for increased American military involvement in the Middle East and has repeatedly pushed for a Congressional resolution officially declaring war against ISIS. All this while we have strong evidence as many politicians such as American Kelli Ward and British George Galloway among many others tell us that Hillary, Obama and John McCain are the primary creators, financers, and arms providers to ISIS. Democratic presidencies had always created and armed terrorist groups as Hillary told us.

Trump’s call for deportation of illegal immigrants is not far away from what the present Obama/Clinton Democratic presidency is doing right now. Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrant families (54,000 families in state of Georgia alone) had been separated from their American-born children and were deported back to Latin America.
Every American Presidential election has a Jewish influential factor. This election is not an exception. Initially Trump promised to be neutral toward the Palestinian/Israeli conflict; supported the untenable two-state solution, refused to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and questioned the sensibility of giving Israel billions of Dollars’ worth in military aid. Yet when he started to run out of campaign money he turned his attitude around 180 degrees. He employed two Zionist Jewish advisors; David Friedman and Jason Greenblatt, fervent supporters of the theft and colonization of more Palestinian land. He chose Mike Pence as his Vice President, who declared that they will support Israel. Trump later tweeted that his party is the “most pro-Israel of all times! ... We reject the false notion that Israel is an occupier … Support for Israel is an expression of Americanism”. He also proudly announced that his daughter will soon grant him a Jewish grandson.

Trump was courting Zionist Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson; a casino magnate and close friend to Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu, who hinted that he would contribute close to $100 million to Trump’s campaign if he likes what he sees. Trump was also courting John Hagee; the Christian Zionist preacher, who could rally tens of millions of his followers to support Trump. 

Hillary on the other side seems to be infused with Zionist blood more than the majority of the Jews. Her love affair to Israelis is a common knowledge; she is Israel’s sweetheart, who sleeps in hot Israel’s love bed promising to “take the US-Israel alliance to the next level” whatever this means. Hillary’s primary Jewish donor is Zionist billionaire Haim Saban, who contributed to her campaign around $7 million when she promised him to fight BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanction Israel) movement. Hillary’s Jewish outreach director; Sarah Bard, was reported to have held fundraising campaign in Tel Aviv, Israel for her. How does foreign money for presidential candidate sit in American stomach?

Democratic vice presidential nominee; Tim Kaine, along with thirty six other senators, are pushing to add $320 million for Israeli missile system to the next year’s defense appropriation bill, in addition to the $3 billion/year in military funding the US gifts to Israel. All this does not include all the administration’s low interest loan guarantees and the tax exempt financial aid Jewish American organizations and Christian Churches gift to Israel. This is spending more American tax money on each Israeli citizen than the administration spends on every American citizen.

Hillary has a very clear lifelong track of criminal record for locking up African Americans calling their children “super predators”, for deporting immigrants, for serving the interest of Wall Street, for being funded by Wall Street and war profiteers as eloquently stated by Stephen Miller; a Trump supporter. Hillary is also a war criminal, who supported all America’s war crimes, including drone assassinations, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and all over the African continent especially in Libya, where she had the primary responsibility for the destruction of the whole country and the murder of its leader; Qaddhafi, because he proposed to make a Golden Dinar an independent African currency. Hillary was proud of her accomplishment.

In my April article “American Democracy at Its Worst” I ousted Bernie Sanders as the communist Zionist Jew, who will always stay a Jew using the Judaic trade-mark technique of infiltration to gradually nudge a group of people into the direction of the Jewish agenda. In his Monday’s July 25 speech at the DNC Bernie burnt his supporters when he showed his true Jewish color and urged his supporters to endorse Hillary for the sole reason of defeating Trump while hiding the fact that his name was put in nomination as his wife whispered in his ear. Let’s notice that Bernie did not follow a steady political career. He had campaigned for Clinton in 1992. Again, in 1996 he also campaigned for Clinton after NAFTA. And in 2004 he called on Ralph Nader not to run for presidency although Nader was calling for the same social justice and political reforms Bernie has been alleging to campaign for.

“We have got to defeat Donald Trump. And we have got to elect Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.” Bernie urged his supporters more enthusiastically than his previous speeches soliciting supporters. Bernie knew this end result (or should I say this covert plan) since the beginning of his campaign when he often warned his supporters that the Democratic GOP has rigged election against him as exposed by the WikiLeaks’ release of 20,000 emails. During his ABC’s interview Bernie stated: “I told you a long time ago that the DNC was not running a fair operation, that they were supporting Secretary Clinton. So what I suggested to be true six months ago turns out, in fact, to be true. I’m not shocked, but I am disappointed.”

Democratic voters became shocked and divided between Bernie and Hillary. The DNC desperately called for unity and brought out the vulgar anti-Christian Zionist Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman accompanied by pro-Israel Jewish Senator Al Franken, who was also a comedian. It seems Jews are directing the DNC. When Silverman failed to unite the crowd by chanting “unity” she insulted Bernie’s supporters by calling them ridiculous.

If unity the DNC desperately needed, why then didn’t Hillary choose Bernie as her running Vice President since his popularity among Democrats far exceeds that of Tim Kaine’s ???

To strengthen Hillary’s position and rating the DNC brought out the big guns; political guest speakers such as Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Tim Kaine, Michelle and Barak Obama, Madeleine Albright, Jewish billionaire and former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg, the transgender Sarah McBride, actresses Meryl Streep and Eva Longoria, and lawyer Khizr Khan the parent of a Muslim veteran who was killed in Iraq, among other speakers.

Watching both national conventions and listening to all the speeches on both sides reminded me of a speech class I took in my secondary school about the assassination of the Roman Empire Julius Caesar and the speeches given by Anthony and Brutus, who were able to sway the public from one side to another promising them security, prosperity and peace yet eventually led them to destructive wars and death. The masses resemble a soccer ball that is kicked by players from one corner to another; thus the political expression “the ball is now in your corner.”

It saddens me to see only a gloomy result of this election. It will not make any difference whether people elect Trump or Hillary. As we had witnessed in previous elections, whether electing a Republican or a Democratic president America will get more or less (probably more) of the same policies; unfair trade agreements, police state, loss of privacy, more taxes, and still perpetual wars and destruction. American people still lose, corporate/Judaic elite wins again.

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