Friday, March 22, 2019
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The Hidden War

agendaThe world has been lately busy with what could be considered major wars and other low level conflicts. The major wars can be seen in places such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Palestine, while low level conflicts can be seen in places like Haiti, Somalia, India, and Sudan. Potential future wars are planned to break out in places like Korea, Yemen, and the Persian Gulf region (Iran). Yet all these wars are just distracting symptoms of a hidden war that is still being waged since the beginning of humanity.

Since creation (possibly millions of years ago) Man has been engaged in conflict and battles killing his brother for land and for its natural resources.  Although billions of people were killed, empires collapsed, cities burnt and destroyed, civilizations lost, and land torched and contaminated, the so-called civilized modern Man of today is still not convinced that wars do not solve conflicts but exacerbate them.  Wars are still being waged, Cain keeps killing his brother Abel, despite the wide spread anti-war movements and the many peace activists, for they, like many modern physicians, are not aware of the real cause of conflict; the hidden war, and keep attempting to cure the symptoms rather than the cause.

But what is this hidden war that the majority of people are not aware of? This is the war of the powerful minority (wealthy power elites) against the weaker majority of the population of the whole world including one’s own countrymen. 

The symbol of the unfinished pyramid with its all-seeing eye on top on the American one Dollar bill represents the state of the world. This pyramid represents the power hierarchy and is divided into three major structures; the controlled at the bottom, the administrators and enforcer of power at the middle, and the controllers at the unfinished top with the all-seeing eye. The first two structures are also subdivided into lesser substructures.

One may notice that this pyramid’s top is not complete yet. This top represents a completely controlled world order first mentioned publically by President George Bush, the father, as the New World Order. This world order is still not yet complete. 

A correlative pyramid, though inverted, is implied by the first. This inverted pyramid represents the global wealth distribution and shows that the largest accumulation of wealth is at the top of the pyramid while the majority of the people barely have 2-5% of wealth.

The bottom totally controlled structure comprises the majority of world population that includes the lower and middle classes, ranging from the absolute helpless impoverished people to the well-off business middle class. The impoverished are the hardest laborers yet barely earn enough morsels to keep them alive. The middle class also work hard but enjoys better quality of life and exert a little power over the lives of the impoverished.

At the second structure we find the administrators and the enforcers of power.  Here we have the governments of the world, the military industrial complexes, and the religious institutions.  These have total control over the population of the lower structure. They also enter into dynamic inter-relationships, cooperating and fighting, among each other. The present day wars we are witnessing are the result of conflict between different governments and different religions, and the competition between opposing military industrial complexes.

The controllers at the top are the wealthiest 3-5% of the families of the world population. The assets of some of these families are roughly estimated to be larger than the budgets of many countries combined. Their power over all the lower structures of the pyramid comes through their possession of and control over global money resources; i.e. central banks and financial institutions. Central banks such as the American Federal Reserve and the Bank of England print fiat paper money not backed by any real value such as precious metals. Through fractional-reserve banking system this money is loaned to governments and other governmental central banks in the form of bonds and charge interest for it. The government pays the interest from taxes collected from the people while other central banks charge higher interest to offset the interest they pay and to make some profit. The government and its central banks are, thus, in debt to the Federal Reserve. This debt is the bases for the country’s national budget deficit.

Through their wealth this power elite had acquired the major industries of many countries especially the military and associated industries. They also control governments and dictate their policies through the buying of politicians with bribes, political rewards, and blackmail. They control political leaders, popes, and presidents by financing their ascendance to power position. Disloyal presidents, who attempt to promote self-interest or oppose the elite’s plans, can easily lose their second term in office; e.g. George W. Bush and his unfinished war against Iraq, and Jimmy Carter and his solar energy plans.  Others who directly opposed them or threatened their interests are assassinated e.g. failed assassination attempt on Andrew Jackson for destroying the privately owned Second Bank of US, Abraham Lincoln’s assassination for his National Bank Act of 1863 and his Greenback money system, James Garfield’s assassination for introducing silver into currency to refinance the federal debt, Warren Harding’s suspicious death for reducing taxes and raising tariffs producing budget surplus, and failed assassination of Ronald Reagan for his appointment of the Gold Commission exposing the fact that US Treasury owns none of the gold at Fort Knox as believed by all Americans. Many other political leaders had been assassinated as documented in John Perkins’ book “confessions of an Economic Hit Man”. Even Popes were not spared assassination; suspicious death of Pope John Paul I in 28th September 1978, only 33 days after his election as pope, for his decision to investigate the Vatican Bank (In God’s Name: An investigation into the Murder of Pope John Paul I, by David Yallop”.

Tracing back the history of these controllers one discovers that they were the money changers of the ancient times. They had accumulated wealth through usury; lending money for high interest. They used to lend money to kings to pay for their wars and conquests. Through their money they acquired the military industry; a very profitable business during wars. But this military industry needs wars to flourish. So the money changers hired mercenaries to commit what we now call false-flag terror attacks against one country and then accuse another country of the crime. The money changers then loan money to both countries to buy weapons they manufacture themselves. When the war ends the money changers again lend money to both countries to re-build their infrastructures and their economies. Usury has become the tool used by the money changers to gain power over governments and to dictate their demands over them.  

War is the biggest debt generator. Governments borrow money for weapons procurement to assure victory. The power elite provide both money and weapons to both sides of conflict. The loser will be loaned more money and sold more weapons to regain victory thus perpetuating the conflict while the financing money changers reap big profit. The Iraq-Iran eight years war is just one example.

We should remember the warning words of President Woodraw Wilson:

“In the US today we have in effect two governments;  we have the duly constituted government, then we have an independent, uncontrolled and uncoordinated government in the Federal Reserve System operating the money powers which are reserved to Congress by the constitution … we have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled governments in the civilized world; no longer a government of free opinion, no longer a government by a vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men”

According to President Wilson the richest and most powerful country of the world; the US, has been under the grip of few powerful men since 1913. Can we imagine how much control they have now 97 years later?

The power elite control money printing. They would create economic boom lending money to everyone, and then create a shortage of money causing depression. This money manipulation through inflation and deflation traps businesses into debt with high interest they could not pay leading foreclosures. This way the power elite would buy businesses and properties for pennies on the dollar. The late housing crisis in the US is just one example.

The power elite use their influence over governments to draw border lines to separate nations. They use ideologies and religions to create enmity and bet people against each other. They had created and financed Fascism, Nazism and Zionism. They had started and inflamed both World Wars. They created Communism to oppose Capitalism; dividing the world into two halves with aggressive arms race that benefited only the military industries. They had committed false-flag terror attacks against the US to drive the Americans into wars against many other countries.

After the collapse of Communism the power elite committed the 911 terror attack (gooogle 911 truth seekers) to incite Islamophopia and war against global terrorism mainly in the Islamic World. Islam is the last obstacle against the creation of the New World Order. Bankers and financiers could not penetrate the Islamic World because Islam prohibits usury and considers it a great sin. Islamophobia and terrorism were created to destroy Islam and to enforce western banking systems under the guise of spreading freedom and democracy, as has been done in Iraq.

The US and EU countries have been driven into the draining war against global terror that created huge budget deficits worth trillions of dollars. The power elite now is taking advantage of this debt to gain yet more power and to siphon more of people’s hard earning money into their own pockets. This is seen in the recent global money crises with its so-called austerity plan; laying off workers, increasing retirement age, bailing out doomed banks and corporations, tax cut for the rich, budget cuts of the educational systems, attempt to control social security and retirement funds, and freezing the salaries of government employees among many other measures.

During the early 19th century the money changers financed the conquest of Napoleon Bonaparte of Europe, the Middle East, and Russia. At the same time they also financed every country Napoleon had invaded. When Napoleon was defeated first time at Leipzig in 1813 and was exiled to the island of Elba, the money changers financed him again to return to power. At the same time they financed the British troops, who defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo. During his last days Napoleon wrote:

“The hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has no motherland. Financiers are without patriotism and without decency. Their sole object is gain.” 

In his only act of violence that contradicted his peaceful teachings of love and turning the other cheek, Jesus Christ had whipped the money changers out of the temple accusing them of turning the house of prayer into “a den of thieves” (Mathew 21: 12 & 13).

Shouldn’t we follow Jesus’ example and kick those evil money changers out of our society?

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