Monday, September 24, 2018
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Kill a Turk and Rest

turkey-funeralsON THE high seas, outside territorial waters, the ship was stopped by the navy. The commandos stormed it. Hundreds of people on the deck resisted, the soldiers used force. Some of the passengers were killed, scores injured. The ship was brought into harbor, the passengers were taken off by force. The world saw them walking on the quay, men and women, young and old, all of them worn out, one after another, each being marched between two soldiers…

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Serving the Empire, Killing for Lies

US troopsWe made it through another Memorial Day. Thankfully, most people think of it as just the start of summer. They don’t seem to use it as America’s political leaders have long wanted: as a day of reverence for America’s world domination.

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Economic and environmental crises muffle anti-war voices

childernPerhaps someone should point out to the Israeli government that being a democracy and a bully-nation are not mutually exclusive conditions.  Once again, as in countless times in the past, Israel finds merit in its political choice for the Jewish people – only living democracy in the region – using it as if that had superior redeeming value against its treatment of the Palestinians or its continuously deceiving conduct in seeking peace – this time in its rejection of the 2012 NPT conference focusing in making the Middle East a WMD-free zone.  Israel, for obvious self-serving reasons, has failed to join 189 nations of the world in becoming a member of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

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Israeli Butchery at Sea

Israeli Butchery at SeaAs I write this piece the scale of the Israeli lethal slaughter at sea is yet to be clear. However we already know that at around 4am Gaza time, hundreds of IDF commandos stormed the Free Gaza international humanitarian fleet. We learn from the Arab press that at least 16 peace activists have been murdered and more than 50 were injured.  Once again it is devastatingly obvious that Israel is not trying to hide its true nature: an inhuman murderous collective  fuelled by a psychosis and driven by paranoia.

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Brave Israeli Commandos Slaughter Aid Activists at Sea

Slaughter Aid Activists at SeaEven America's major media can't duck a crime this grave - attacking and slaughtering up to 20 Gaza Freedom Flotilla activists and injuring dozens more.

New York Times writer Isabel Kershner headlined 'At Least 10 Killed as Israel Intercepts Aid Flotilla, saying:

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