Sunday, April 21, 2019
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Making America Great Again


There is probably only one thing now that could make America great again; another major war in Europe.

After a war of independence at the end of the 18th Century, which removed any inhibitions about westward expansion and the slaughter of native Americans, and a savagely violent Civil War in the mid-19th Century, which established a strong sense of ‘patriotism’ as a convenient tool for management of the masses, the United States had established itself as an international force to be reckoned with; but not ‘great’ – certainly not in the sense of being ‘enlightened’.

What truly made America ‘great’ was the good fortune of the two world wars of the 20th Century. Given the context of a cynical collaboration between private capital and government in the interests of the elite, quickly established as a matter of military necessity in consequence of its own two bloody wars, deepened and enriched in the bloodthirsty push westward of railroads, speculators and violent cattlemen the US was well-placed to make the very best advantage of war in Europe.

Britain borrowed and spent in the US, as did the other side also (to a degree not advertised these days by Hollywood) in order to finance and equip their war efforts. European private capital hedged its bets by shifting fortunes into US investments. Wars are hugely profitable to capital, even when its own side is involved (there was a time when the US could not ‘cold turkey’ on its Vietnam war because the home economy was so dependent on it). But when the largest financial benefit accrues to a disinterested party that can sit on the sidelines and watch the warring parties destroy each other the benefits are incalculable.

After the World Wars the US continued to benefit, leveraging massively on the brain-drain from Europe then turning the recovering Japanese economy into a virtual slave labour camp, while at the same time energising its own economy with the process of rebuilding Europe after the incalculable destruction and savouring a massive propaganda coup as the saviour of Britain and Western Europe (actually Russia’s title), which has been mercilessly and cynically exploited to the present day.

Inciting the lunatics of NATO, preoccupied with their only raison d'etre as the waging of war, to scandalous provocation and encroachment on the interests of the Russian bear has been the name of the game for almost a decade, which has been obvious to anyone who can observe without the filters of stars and stripes.

We have reached a point at which the warnings from Russia have become stark: Putin’s Warning:

The hideously childish and irrational behaviour of western journalism has been rightly rebuked by Putin. As an interested observer of their shameful disregard and neglect of their responsibility to inform and enrich public debate in a democratic society I sense that I am with so many others across Europe who regard Putin with respect as the last statesman-like voice remaining among international (so-called) leaders.

With Capitalism out of control at the hands of psychopathic Corporations ( driven by greed and corruption that has widened the wealth divide so far that the system is obviously unstable and locking our institutions and social organisation into an environmentally destructive pattern in the interests of capital our situation is perilous. But America will be ‘great’.

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