Sunday, April 21, 2019
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Trump, the Media and Muddled Morals

Donald Trump

Fake Moral Outrage

In the Mainstream Media (MSM) there presently is an imposing impression of international uproar and moral outrage suggesting the imminent demise of a newly‑elected President. Nothing like it was observed when pomp and circumstance was afforded the state visit to the UK of George Bush junior, mired in the blood of Iraqis and pungent with the stink of lies and deceit.

It has already been noted in the alternative media that while Trump has allegedly infringed upon the rights of people from these ‘mostly Muslim countries’ it was Bush who was bombing them, killing civilians, murdering women and children, whole families, turning weddings into village bloodbaths, destroying infrastructure, schools, hospitals, water-treatment plants. Never was it mentioned in the MSM that it was an illegal, immoral, aggressive and violent war initiated on a pack of obvious lies for the interests of his OIL-rich friends among the “haves and have-mores”. They felt content to squabble over whether The Lancet got the numbers right.

The conjuring tricks that create these illusions of international uproar and outrage suggestive of something imminent are only possible in the echo-chamber owned, operated and precisely orchestrated by the Corporate Mainstream Media. So compelling is it that those who are utterly committed to its purposes (some Tory MPs, even some Labour MPs) will occasionally be inclined to take some controversial step that inflates their ego and gives them the sense of currying favour by their prominence and crossed garters. John Bercow’s grand pronouncement of blocking the presidential address to parliament, cheering the pack and disparaging Trump to the consternation of Theresa May is a miniature version of John Kerr’s dismissal of the Australian labour government executive in 1975.

Fake News

Fake news there may well be in the alternative media, but it’s nothing compared to the systematic fake news of omission, distorted emphasis and spin that is the hallmark of the MSM. Misled by the preoccupation with Israel’s right to defend itself the swill-digesting public is presumed not to be interested in Israel’s application of vast airpower and military force to the persecution of a million Palestinians held under siege in Gaza.

The fake controversies over anti-Semitism are standard cover for the ongoing criminal activities of the recidivist Jewish State of Israel in the theft and ethnic cleansing of Palestinian land that has gone on for almost 7 decades. The possibility that some obscure author lied about the holocaust is apparently more newsworthy than the shocking inhumanity, genocide and human rights violations undertaken in the occupied Palestinian Territories on a scale that easily qualifies as utter lawlessness. According to the MSM it is ‘our democratic values’ that must be upheld in the parliament, not the ‘populism’ that is all-pervasive among the masses and ‘our moral values’ are exhibited in using diplomacy to make ‘gradual progress’ in defending human rights in barbaric dictatorships such as Saudi Arabia when they murder civilians in neighbouring countries using British-made weapons and planes.

Fooled Twice

Despite the artificial controversy over a 90-day entry-ban, the rhetoric and the theatrical confrontation with the CIA, the judiciary and the Congress, the evidence on the table so far carries no suggestion that Trump is anything other than a standard Republican President. In substance he appears essentially committed to the imperialist agenda of the military-industrial complex, small government, low taxes for the rich and a free hand for business that is responsible for the ever-increasing wealth divide. His willingness and capacity to deliver the change sought by the many Americans who invested their votes in him is yet to be revealed.

The public was fooled by a scam that committed them to eight years of lacklustre and often entirely contrary action by Obama. They may well have been conned again by an elaborate sleight of hand. The confrontation with Iran in the background while the high drama proceeds up on stage seem to suggest it could be so. The pattern so far is one of fanfare inconsequential matters masking the serious issues that receive minimal attention.

Burgeoning Discontent

Whether it be a genuine push for real change thwarted by the instruments owned by the people who own and operate the ‘Democracy’ charade or business as usual under another puppet show of change in progress there is one inescapable reality that clearly is present and is not likely to go away; a deep and growing discontent. A perplexed MSM grapples with their recent failure to smoothly manage Cameron’s referendum to a ‘Remain’ outcome, or to erase Corbyn and the revival of Old Labour.

They rail against the populist vote and the perils of insubstantial alternative media. They air their anguished ‘soul searching’ over why they are losing the public trust.  Yet there nevertheless, is time for crassly boasting that the Trump theatre of confrontation with them is boosting their sales, as if yet more wealth gushing into an already saturated and incompetent machine incapable of applying it productively is any compensation for the loss of their control over the public mind – a public mind that increasingly grows hostile.

Inevitable Change

Perhaps we will see another two presidential terms of full-speed Republican Agenda under the cloak of theatre and aspirational change, or perhaps we will see a true force for change thwarted. But certainly, we sooner or later will see change. We are not seeing the turning of a circle here, of endless rounds of the same, we are seeing the turning of a screw; the pent-up tensions increase with every turn. Change will come.

Increasingly, people are seeing their quality of life eroded by the globalisation of capitalism and they are increasingly apprehensive about our effect on climate and a planet already in decline with our pollution, avaricious exploitation and reckless destruction driven by the needs of a system that is increasingly exposed for its indifference to society, humanity and the things beyond us that matter.

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