Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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The Complete Guide to Protecting Your Brand’s Reputation

There is nothing more important than your brand’s reputation. Of course, the company will determine its on and offline reputation, which is why you must do everything in your power to shape how you're perceived by your current and prospective customers. Find out how you can protect your brand’s reputation.

Create a Formal Social Media Policy for Employees

Your employees are representatives of your business. The comments they make online can, therefore, influence how others perceive your brand. Preserve your positive image by introducing a formal policy regarding what your employees and freelancers can post online related to your company. This will ensure every member of staff does not talk about the brand negatively, as they will understand what they can and can’t say across social media.

A Crisis Communication Plan

It’s hard to predict when a problem can place the brand in a bad light. A crisis communication plan must, therefore, be created, so both the business and employees will have content prepared, and they’ll also know where to say it and who to say it to. Also, designate an articulate, professional member of staff who can calmly speak on behalf of the business to the media.

Secure Your Data

There are multiple reasons why you must actively secure your data. Not only will the information help to shape the future of the business, but a data breach can also have serious consequences for your business. For example, data loss can lead to financial and legal ramifications due to negligence, company downtime, and ransom fees. The data loss could also force customers to lose trust in your brand, and it might be difficult to recover your reputation, as a result. It is vital to adopt the best cybersecurity technologies and techniques to protect your sensitive files. Also, if you do lose data, you should immediately hire professional digital forensics Los Angeles services for assistance.

Encourage Reviews and Respond to Complaints

If you believe you run a helpful, value-for-money, professional brand, you have nothing to fear with online reviews. Encourage your past and present customers to write reviews online regarding their experience with your company, which could encourage others to trust your business. You must also address any negative reviews on a site in an instant with a polite, friendly, and helpful comment. Ask the past customer for their contact information, or provide yours, so you can speak to them directly to resolve an issue. Once you have rectified the problem, you should ask the customer to edit their review to state how you quickly provided a solution.

Say Thank You

A thank you goes a long way in business. Boost your reputation by sending your clients or customers a thank you note, which will make them feel valued and can have a positive impact on the perception of your brand. What’s more, they will likely share with their family and friends how your business went above and beyond, so it is an effective way to encourage word of mouth marketing.

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