Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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4 Ways to Become an Authority on Your Chosen Niche

Many industry professionals like to branch out from the everyday operation of their business and become a public face of their chosen niche. To become an authority in your profession can be incredibly rewarding and lucrative, and that can lead back to your business and help it to grow even further.

But how can you get to the level where your name is high on the list of the names people first think of when a particular niche is mentioned? Here is a handful of them, you can consider starting to use today.

Build a Blog

There are millions of bloggers out there, making a killing by talking about their passions in great detail, and attracting huge audiences as a result. Whether you’re talking about politics, film, fashion or the stock market. If you are talking about your area of expertise with passion and intelligence and getting people discussing and debating what you’re writing about, you can quickly become an authority on your chosen subject. Journalists, bloggers and other industry professionals could start quoting you and linking to your blog in order to highlight you as a source of authority and wisdom in your field.

Become a Presence on Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and various other social media platforms have become a way for many industry authorities to build their audiences, share their words and speak their minds. You can be a political commentator or a football fanatic, what matters is that you are true to your beliefs and are prepared to back-up your claims with stone-cold facts. A little controversy can go a long way on social media, too. If you’ve got opinions that might split the crowd right down the middle and encourage debate, you will find that social media is perfect for you to build a name for yourself.

Write a Book

Whether you go down the traditional publishing route and sign a book deal with a publishing house, or self-publish your book, getting a book out into the world is a superb way to legitimize yourself as an authority in your chosen niche.

If your book makes the right waves, it could lead to various other ventures, such as TV and radio appearances and speaking event appearances. Regardless of your particular subject field, there are gaps in the market to allow for this. To get inspired you could research technical analysis books if this category fits your niche.

Create a YouTube Channel

Billions of hours of YouTube videos are watched every single day, and there are individual channels bringing in millions of dollars of advertising revenue due to their number of views and loyal subscribers. Everyone from musicians to vloggers can get in on the action, and if you have a solid amount of expertise and opinion on a certain subject, you can soon become a powerful voice in that industry or profession.

You can conduct interviews, give straight-to-camera tutorials or rants about your industry or create short films that get your point across. Either way, when those hits start coming in, you will find yourself thrust more and more into the public eye, and become an authority in the niche that you own in your videos.

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