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William T. Hathaway Profile Page
William T. Hathaway


William. T. Hathaway's books include Radical Peace: People Refusing War, Summer Snow, CD-Ring, and A World of Hurt (Rinehart Foundation Award). He teaches American studies at the University of Oldenburg in Germany. A selection of his writing is available at


04/25/2012 10:06:15America is Under Attack!


05/13/2018 13:30:30Germany’s new right wing
11/17/2017 12:24:57Then There's Only One Choice
11/21/2016 11:20:12Fight back or go under
04/27/2016 11:55:04Understanding Money and the Economy
01/28/2016 11:45:03A Long-War Strategy for the Left
11/23/2015 15:15:06The Karma of Terror
10/11/2015 13:19:56Wolf Country
03/26/2015 08:42:15A guide to understanding our times
03/10/2015 14:42:02Hacking Consciousness
04/07/2014 13:26:03Understanding Marx
02/04/2014 11:08:25Forging a Socialist-Islamist Alliance
10/15/2013 11:24:00Wellsprings
07/31/2013 10:14:49Varieties of Violence
07/20/2013 09:15:08'The Indian Uprising' by Donald Barthelme
02/10/2013 08:27:42You Are God
02/02/2013 09:46:06Peace Chaplain
01/09/2013 09:18:12Exit Free
12/17/2012 09:09:50Shattering Myths Can Be Dangerous
12/13/2012 10:21:47Keep On Rockin'
10/24/2012 08:20:05From Cheerleader to Enemy of the State
10/19/2012 08:23:00You Are God
10/04/2012 07:04:45SAMs for Uncle Sam
09/13/2012 08:55:26Globalizing the Intifada
08/10/2012 11:20:12Resurrecting Insurrection
07/11/2012 09:08:45Are Wars Inevitable?
06/20/2012 09:22:37Patriot's Game
06/06/2012 08:57:30Subversive Thrills
05/31/2012 09:13:40Conscious Peace
03/30/2012 08:58:10Generations of Resistance to War
03/29/2012 09:19:00Stemming the Tides of Protest
03/07/2012 09:19:44Literature in a Locked Down Land
03/02/2012 09:24:16Strategies of Deception
02/22/2012 10:48:32The Real War Heroes
02/13/2012 11:24:29The Last Days of the Lilliputians
01/11/2012 12:38:14Keep On Rockin'
11/25/2011 09:41:28Einstein's Prescience
11/03/2011 10:12:44Comparing Evils
10/04/2011 09:01:49Saboteur- An interview with a domestic insurgent
09/27/2011 11:22:07Escaping the Military: Healing the Virus of Violence


07/16/2017 13:57:16Rx against trauma
12/12/2016 13:19:13Trump is the fulfillment of an ancient Chinese curse
12/09/2016 12:13:35Burn the flag on inauguration day!
03/18/2015 14:38:08The Realpolitik of Revolution
03/04/2015 14:54:13Germany's balancing act
03/19/2014 13:16:30The Newest Depth of Depravity
01/10/2014 14:03:19From Dropout Doper to Award-Winning Novelist
06/18/2013 09:22:00Murder Made Sexy
01/24/2013 10:38:31Strategies of containment
11/22/2012 09:18:36The Split: Differences over Israel tear apart a Jewish marriage
01/24/2012 09:40:50Comrades in Arms
09/24/2011 09:14:56Ending an Endless War

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William T. Hathaway

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